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About Us:

Neville’s Grocery was started in 1938 by Jerry and Margaret Neville.  It was located on the corner of West Spruce and Magazine Street.

     In 1948 they moved to Portage Avenue by the Arcade bowling alley.  This was a small convenience store with magazine, beer, and liquor take out. The store was kept quite busy by Canadians walking to and from the ferry as there was no bridge at the time connecting Sault Michigan and Sault Ontario.

    In 1955 Jerry wanted to get back in the grocery business so he built the store on Ashmun hill. With his living quarters above the store, this store was a lot different than the one on Spruce Street. On Spruce you waited on the customer for everything.  While they waited at the counter, you ran to fetch everything for them.  They also had home delivery, as there weren’t a lot of cars back then.  When we were kids we would take the wagon and go to the store for mom.

    In 1960, Jerry had a heart attack and passed away.He died May 2 1960.  I ran the store for Margaret and her two daughters until purchasing the business in 1975 then Ed bought the store in 1989.  

    Since Wendy and I took over in 1989 many things have changed. In 1993 a fire gutted the store, but with a lot of work from dedicated employees and a great contractor we were able to re-open in three months.

     As times change, we try to change to keep up with them. In 2004 we added a scanning system. In 2008 we had this website built. In 2009 we were able to start a customer rewards program.

    We are always interested in our customers ideas and opinions. We are looking to get in a line of organic products and possibly some gluten free items.

    As since the founding of Neville's, we strive to be #1 in customer service with the freshest, highest quality products available.

                                                                                                                                    Thank you,

                                                                                                                                    Wendy and Ed